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Ascending Parachutes International presents the worlds finest parasail, the Cloud Hopper

Welcome to Ascending Parachutes International the manufacturer of the worlds finest parasail the Cloud Hopper. The distant relative of a parasail, also referred to as an ascending parachute, was first developed by the German navy in 1918 for towing a sailor behind a u-boat to act as an observer. Times have changed and today parasails are used for fun- the most fun you can have behind a boat!

Parachuting gives you access to breathtaking scenery Each Cloud Hopper comes as a complete package with all the basics you need to start parasailing. You can get gently into the air and sit in comfort as the scenery glides by or try a fast and spectacular ascent followed by a gentle descent- the thrill factor is up to you. Cloud Hopping is an exciting adventure for persons whether young or old to enjoy. So get a birds eye view of the clouds; don't delay start Cloud Hopping today!

Customizing your parachute is easy. Look around our site to pick a parasail that fits your taste and budget Please take a few minutes and look around our web site. We have tried to include as much information as we can. If after looking around you still have unanswered questions or need additional information either about parasailing in general or concerning our Cloud Hoppers in particular, please feel free to contact us.