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Ready, Set, Parachute!

There are several things to consider when you're shopping for a parasail:

Materials- The type and quality of the materials used in constructing a parasail are absolutely vital. They determine not only how well it will perform but also how long it will last. No parasail on the market uses better quality materials in the canopy, risers, harness, suspension lines and hardware than a Cloud Hopper. Most use materials that are far inferior. Please see Specifications.

Construction- When you start with the best materials the next step is employing the best construction methods in building the parasail. This is an area in which many parasails fail the test. They use poor methods of workmanship such as ‘lap seams' and zig-zag stitching. Why? Because it's cheaper and less time consuming than the construction techniques used in the manufacturing of each and every Cloud Hopper. Please see Specifications.

Performance- Of course how a parasail behaves upon take-off, during flight and upon landing is critical to your enjoyment and safety. Cloud Hoppers have been engineered for a fast take-off, maximum stability during flight and a soft landing. No other parasail on the market out performs a Cloud Hopper.

Service- Each Cloud Hopper is 100% made in the U.S.A. of the best materials possible and with proper care a Cloud Hopper will give years of enjoyment. Should you need service remember that Ascending Parachutes International is a manufacturer, not an importer, and has complete service facilities

Price- Of course price is important to everyone. If you shop around you will find that our factory direct prices are extremely competitive. We have a simple commitment: offer you the best parasail at the best price. Please see Pricing.

We invite you to compare Cloud Hopper to any other parasail on the market. Check the quality of the materials, the construction techniques, ask about the performance, service and price. Once you do you'll agree with us that Cloud Hoppers are simply THE BEST!