Ascending Parachutes International
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Custom Color & Design
Order an ascending parachute today and we'll do it your way!
It's your choice! At Ascending Parachutes International we don't limit your choices. You can choose from one of the following options all at the same super competitive price.

Option A- Choose the colors you want on your Cloud Hopper and tell us where you want those colors used.

Option B- Choose the colors you want to use but let us do the designing. You may know the colors you want to use but don't want the hassle of coming up with a design. Don't worry, we do custom designs every day and can come up with a spectacular design for you.

Option C- Choose one of the gorgeous Cloud Hoppers we have in stock. Normally we have several color combinations and designs to choose from in each size.

to fit your

Custom colored designs usually can be finished in 3-7 days depending on how busy our production department is at the time of your order.

Lettering and Logos

Custom logo for your parasail? Let us know! We can put your name, boat name, company name, logo, design or almost anything you want on a Cloud Hopper. Virtually any style, size or color of letter can be used. We have done custom logos for hundreds of companies around the world. Putting a company name on a Cloud Hopper is great advertising; it's like having a flying billboard! Some customers have gone so far as to call our Cloud Hoppers "a work of art".

Contact us today for a quote! Since each name or logo varies in complexity please contact us with your particular needs so we can quote you a cost as well as delivery time.

This drawing represents the top view of a Cloud Hopper and can be used in making your design decisions.

A view from the top - your Cloud Hopper layout

Available Canopy Colors
Green Silver Raspberry Orange Burgundy
Black Lime Yellow White Lt. Blue
Teal Orchid Blue Red Navy
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