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No Bull!

No bull spoken here! At Ascending Parachutes we don't make the hollow unproven claims that some of our competitors do. We don't try to sell you a parasail by boasting to be the "Nations Largest Supplier", the "World's parasail experts" or having a million years combined experience. We don't say that the FAA oversees production of our parasails- the FAA has nothing whatsoever to do with parasails! We don't try to get you to buy a parasail with an ultra slick sales brochure, with lots of sales hype or other fluff. We do just one thing: manufacture and sell the world's best parasail; and we want to prove it to you.

We try to give you as many of the facts as we can so you can make an informed decision. If after reading our literature you're still having a hard time deciding between Cloud Hopper and another brand of parasail here's what we suggest:

Call and order a Cloud Hopper. Tell us that you would like to see Cloud Hopper Quality for yourself. Then call the competition and order one of their parasails. Once they arrive compare the materials they are built from. Measure them for size. Look at the hardware, inspect the seams, check the body harness and look at the overall material and construction quality. If you don't find the Cloud Hopper to be superior, simply send it back. When you order the competition's parasail make sure to tell them you'll be comparing it to a Cloud Hopper and get their authorization to send it back when you decide to keep the Cloud Hopper.
100% Made in the U.S.A.!
All Cloud Hoppers are commercial quality!
Unsurpassed workmanship!
Finest possible materials!
All seams double-stitched and reinforced!
All stainless steel hardware!
Independant Dacron suspension lines!
Adjustable turn-slot option!
Convertible vortex option!
No-charge custom colors!
Custom lettering and logos