Enjoy On-the-go Entertainment

Vacations are the perfect getaway from the daily grind. Keep in mind that a vacation also keeps the mind in a peaceful zone. With wait times at restaurants, hotel lines, and airplane rides, travelers should also consider extra activities to keep the mind occupied during downtimes.

Even water sports require waiting for a turn to parasail, surf, or ski. On the way to parachuting, it takes time to reach the right altitude. Here’s one way to enjoy every minute of the trip, regardless of where you travel.

Card Games

Play virtual card games on the move. Vacationers enjoy online card games while traveling. From blackjack to poker, popular card games add a little excitement to the vacation experience. Just reach for the smartphone and access fun at your fingertips in seconds.


Like the in-person game, win by moving all cards to four sequential piles in the same suite. With the digital version, just click or drag the card to move it. Check out the rules to make sure that you don’t miss out on benefits.

Don’t forget to maintain the correct card order. While you’re waiting on your spouse to meet you in the lobby for the next adventure, you’ve got something exciting to do.


Play all your spades and high cards early to make sure you win. The object is to score points. It’s the same online as it is in person. Team up with virtual partners to enjoy the fun. If you’re lucky, you might even win some extra cash to spend.