Manufacturers Uplift Parasailing

Flying high with a parachute isn’t what it used to be. In fact, the sport has evolved into a range of diverse outdoor experiences, including parasailing. Manufacturing firms are the lifeblood of the parasailing industry.

By supplying quality boats and parasailing equipment to commercial operators, these companies make parasailing fun for parascenders globally and drive a multi-billion-dollar global water sports market. From high-end canopies to specialty watercraft, the designers ensure safe experiences for participants.

These manufacturing specialists offer value in products and pricing, so operators can make a profit while helping parascenders enjoy the ride. Here are four manufacturers, which provide quality watercraft and parasailing equipment to private buyers and commercial operators.


Sportlite is a British business supplying high-quality equipment for parasailing globally. Since 1985, the company has provided equipment and services to professional parasailing operators.

Taking a customer-centric approach, the manufacturer includes a variety of safety options in products. Private buyers also enjoy Sportline’s unique products, helping individuals and families enjoy parasailing.


Surfrider International manufactures proprietary designs for parasailing boats and other watercraft. For more than 25 years, the company has specialized in stylish watercraft with high-quality standards. The boats are economical, creating a safe, stable ride with less drag.

Custom Chutes, Inc

Custom Chutes offers a product line called Parasail Workshop. By providing private and commercial users with a complete range of products for parasailing in low-wind conditions, the company has become well-respected in the field.

Packages include a 300-foot towline, body harness, and parasail canopy with instructions. Accessories are also available, including life jackets and helmets.

Commercial Water Sports

Commercial Water Sports is a manufacturer of certified, customized boats for parasailing. The sleek design gives enthusiasts a gentle ride, permitting a pleasurable experience for passengers. Providing both parts and service, the company helps customers to maintain watercraft for long-term use.